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Hearthstone Hack

Hello dear HackiNations readers,

Hearthstone is a free MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) TC (Trading Card) game which was released back in 2014. Since the beginning, it has been gaining momentum and right now it is one of the most popular games played worldwide. It has one of the biggest playerbase in the world. As publicized in Blizzard’s report in 2016, it became clear that over 50 million unique players are playing Hearthstone which is phenomenal! Such a huge amount of players means that there is one big issue – competition. And in order to profit from their free game, Blizzard has decided to add a feature that could be seen as a ‘Pay-to-win’ and is quite damaging and unfair to players who do not want to spend a lot of money to build good decks.  And that’s where our team of professional coders come to your aid! We have developed a brand new and very powerful Hearthstone hack tool!

Hearthstone hack

What is Hearthstone hack tool and why should I use it?

We have created Hearthstone hack tool for one sole reason – we don’t think it’s fair that people who have a lot of money to spend are becoming better than players who don’t want to pay to win. How can we fix something like that? Our tool let’s you add booster packs and gold which basically means that you can get the items that normally require you to spend your real life money for free! You can spend the gold you generate with our tool exactly like normal gold – to buy card packs, arena entries or on adventure mode.

Why our Hearthstone hack is unique

First of all, our Hearthstone hack is one of the few that actually WORK. Once we release a program, we keep it constantly updated no matter what. That means that it’s always going to be working unless something drastic happens – then we will take it down from our website. If you can read this, it means that our tool is currently 100 % functional and working. Secondly, our Hearthstone hack uses unique script safety wise – we put in a lot of effort into developing the most safe tool in the world. In fact, we ran the test with over 10 000 accounts and none of them got banned!

Hearthstone hack Features:

  • Add Gold – let’s you generate free gold right into your Hearthstone account. Current maximum amount of gold that user can have is 999,999.
  • Add Booster Pack – this options let’s you add as many booster packs as you want and get the cards you want by opening them.

Hearthstone hack

No virus proof

Current downloads: 1896

Video tutorial:

How to use Hearthstone hack:

  1. Download and open Hearhstone hack tool.
  2.  Open and log in to your Battle.net application or Battle.net website or launch the game.
  3. In the ‘Select method’ screen, click the option you chose in the previous step.
  4. Click ‘Connect’
  5. In ‘Add items’ box, choose if you want to add gold or booster packs. You can’t choose both in one go.
  6. On the right side of the ‘Add items’ box, type in the amount of gold or booster packs that you want to generate.
  7. Click ‘Get Items’.
  8. Don’t use Hearthstone hack tool again for at least 12 hours.
  9. Enjoy your free items!

Hearthstone hack

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is it safe to use?

Our program is extremely safe to use and will not not result in account ban because it is designed specifically to go below Blizzard’s radar. However, we do not reccommend using it more than once every 12 hours because we haven’t tested it enough yet.

  • Is it free?

Yes it is 100 % free. We have partners and people who show good will by donating money to us. Thanks to you, we are able to keep all of our content free.

  • Where can I download it?

You can download Hearthstone hack tool by clicking the image below. You will have to prove that you are not a human first because we are constantly experiencing DDOS attacks from big gaming companies.

Hearthstone hack

No virus proof

Current downloads: 786

  • How can I donate money to your website?

You can donate money by Paypal or Bitcoin. The information is on the main page of our website.

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