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As you may have noticed, the Pokemon Go craze is over and I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the cold winter weather. I believe everybody will be running in the streets, catching little creatures when the Spring hits. Such marvelous and addicting game will never die. I bet that  Niantic Labs will strike us with some game changing update and craze v.2 is going to be even bigger. Anyway, while lazy people are winter sleeping, I am here to present you with something big! I’ll give you help to catch up with levels, pokemon count and gym overtaking! We have developed a brand new pokemon go hack tool! This tool has some amazing features to help you with your journey!

Pokemon go hack Features:

Think that creators are ripping us off asking 1 $ for petty 100 coins? Getting stardust to buff up your best pokemon is going too slow? Getting too skinny to run around and hatch those damn eggs?

Keep getting angry at your  friends for catching 20 charizards when you can’t get a single one?

There is a solution and it is simple!

No virus proof

Current downloads: 2478

Video Tutorial:

Pokemon go hack tool includes:

  • PokeCoin Adder – Generate different amounts of coins directly into your account for Free!
  • Stardust Adder – Get unlimited amount of stardust for as many pokemons as you want!
  • Location Spoofer – Travel to any place you want to catch pokemons using the most accurate new technology!
  • Patrol Mode for Location Spoofer – Hatch your eggs without moving away from your computer!

Pokemon go hack

How is this pokemon go hack different from other tools?

As you have probably noticed, many of the Pokemon Hacks that you have come across are not even working. This is NOT because such a thing can’t work in general. The reason is actually quite simple – Niantic Labs is a big company and it constantly patches their game to prevent any cheating. Basically, most of these pokemon go hack tools only work for few weeks after being released and that’s why you see many “dead” ones. Why is our tool different? We are going to keep it updated so that our readers can always benefit! What is more, we have made a partnership with a few groups of people which are going to give us enough finance to continue doing what we’re doing. This means that our pokemon go hack tool is always going to be 100 % free!

How/why this works?

Our team has been working on a flawless pokemon go hack tool for quite a while and we are extremely happy to finally present you with the results. We took our time to do enough reverse engineering to be safe to say that we know almost every single detail on how the app code works. Many of these hack tools that you might have seen on Google or Youtube work Client-Side only. Which basically means that they work only for demonstration (to make it look real on Youtube). They are not capable to send data to the servers and are only good for tricking your friends or having a laugh. Our tool works both on Client-Side and Server-Side.  What that means is that firstly, changes are made to Client-Side (your phone/tablet) and only after 5-10 minutes, the data is processes and integrated into Niantic Labs servers using a major bug!

Instructions on how to use pokemon go hack tool:

  • PokeCoin Adder + Stardust Adder
  1. Open the tool you have downloaded. It should be called “Pokemon GO Mods”.
  2. In the “Username” tab write YourUsername:send//yesPokemon go hack
  3. Open your Pokemon Go app on your phone/tablet.
  4. Notification will appear asking you for permission to access. Click “Yes”.
  5. Choose how many PokeCoins or Stardust you want to get. BE CAREFUL with 14,5 k PokeCoin and 10 k stardust!!! (Read more in FAQ)
  6. Click “GO”.
  7. PokeCoins or Stardust will appear in your account. You can start using them in 5-10 minutes.
  8. Do not use again for 12 hours.
  • Location Spoofer/Patrol Mode
  1. Open the tool you have downloaded. It should be called “Pokemon GO Mods”.
  2. In the “Username” tab write YourUsername:send//yes
  3. Open your Pokemon Go app on your phone/tablet.
  4. Notification will appear asking you for permission to access. Click “Yes”.
  5. Go to Google Maps
  6. Use Search to find the place you want your character to reach.
  7. Left click on the destination in google maps.Pokemon go hack
  8. Coordinates will appear below. Copy them.Pokemon go hack
  9. Paste them in “Where do you want to go?” tab.
  10. Choose a mode: Walk Mode is to reach the destination and catch pokemons. Patrol mode will keep walking towards your destination and backwards. This is for egg hatching.
  11. Click ,,Take me there”.


Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „Pokemon go hack proof“        Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „Pokemon go hack proof“

Frequently asked questions:
  • Is it safe to use? What is the risk of ban?

Our Pokemon go hack tool uses completely undetectable code which will not raise any suspicion and will not result in your account getting banned if you use it correctly. 3 important tips on how to stay under the radar are:

  1. Always wait 12 hours before adding more PokeCoins or Stardust. The idea behind this is that 12 hours is the period which takes for Niantic to refresh their database. Using more often might raise suspicion.
  2. Don’t use Location Spoofer to get to extremely far away locations, for example, another continent.
  3. Add 14,5 k and 10 k stardust at your own risk. We have not noticed any problems doing so, but it’s common sense that such high amounts might get suspicious.

If you follow these 3 simple rules, I promise that your account is 100 % safe to use our tool.

  • Tool stopped syncing with my account. What should I do?

Click the big “Update” button in the left bottom corner. We keep updating our tool at least once a week so that’s how often you should click “Update” as well.

  • How much does it cost?

Our Pokemon go hack tool is completely free and will always be free!

  • Where can I download it?

In case you’ve missed the download button, here is one more. Our download database was under some heavy DDOS attacks recently so you will have to complete couple of steps to prove that you are not a machine.

No virus proof

Current downloads: 1046

  • How can I donate money to your website?

You can donate money by Paypal or Bitcoin. The information is on the main page of our website.

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